About Priority 5 - Priority Five
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About Priority 5

What We Do

We activate children and young people’s right to a voice and a say in services. We provide real development opportunities. Our focus is deeper engagement, learning and progression. We engage children and young people as experts in their own lives and  as equals with something to contribute.


One of our main missions is to ensure that we’re open and inclusive, offering useful training and leadership opportunities for young people and we provide a safe, dynamic, exciting and welcoming place for young people to go.

We offer training/qualifications e.g. Arts Award, so young people feel like the work they are doing is meaningful and that they can take away something tangible from it.


We’re always striving to learn, grow and evolve. P5 isn’t afraid of change, we understand that society is forever growing and we must evolve our approach to support the needs of the young people who benefit from P5.


We've arranged, hosted and organised a variety of workshops in our time for young people of all ages. If there's one thing we do well, it's facilitate successful workshops and events.

Youth Engagement

It can be tricky, we make it our business to know what's going on, keep up to date and engage with the youth. With ever changing trends, likes and dislikes, this is more important that ever.


Our expert knowledge has helped a number of businesses engage with younger audiences, and shared our knowledge with amazing results. We've almost got it down to a creative science.

Some of Our Triumphs.

We’ve worked with so many amazing people and done some amazing things in our time at Priority 5. We don’t usually like to brag but with numbers like these why shouldn’t we?!


Cups of coffee


Happy Clients


Pizzas Ordered


Awards won


Ruth Richardson
Company Director
Vicki Taylor
Expert Arts Award Adviser, Researcher and Inclusion Specialist
Rachel Owen
Creative Apprentice
Ariya Amin
Creative Intern: Creative Producer