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My Style Visit to Wolverhampton Art Gallery

My Style Visit to Wolverhampton Art Gallery

A group of our My Style participants got the opportunity to visit the Wolverhampton Art Gallery on 30th May for a Discover in a Day trip. The lego art exhibition Brick Wonders was available to visit as well as a selection of other free exhibits. There were also children’s activities in one of the upstairs rooms. We asked the young people to write some reviews on their experiences, and they were all excellent so we thought we would share them with you.


Where did I go?: Brick Wonders [exhibition]

What did I see?:  Lego

Did I enjoy it?: A lot

My favourite piece was making Niagara Falls. This was my favourite piece because it’s natural lego and I love natural lego.

Did other people agree with me?: Yes because she likes transparent bricks

Would I recommend this open day to a friend?: Yes I would recommend this to most of my friends. I give it 10/10.


I quite enjoyed my day out at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. There was such a variety of stuff to see that kept us entertained for the time we were there. All of the exhibitions had extremely good explanations, and some really great audio descriptions. Unfortunately, not all of these audio descriptions were working, which I felt was a bit odd for the half term holiday – surely this is the best time to ensure all your electronics are working?


So, the things I liked – as previously mentioned, the explanations and audio descriptions of the exhibitions were really good. We got the chance to have a sneak peek at the new paperwork and ceramics exhibition which looked really amazing. The tactile nature of the Sensing Sculpture Gallery was simply amazing, and I particularly loved the variety of materials used here. The staff were very friendly and helpful, particularly in the Robert Perry exhibition.


There were also some things that I really loved. The Robert Perry exhibition was, in my opinion, the best exhibition at the gallery that day and nothing topped this. Some absolutely beautiful pieces of art were on display here. The medallion collection by Ron Dutton was also amazing. My favourite piece in the Sensing Sculpture collection was Job: Man of Wood.


There were a couple of things that disappointed me during my visit. The biggest disappointment was the dressing up in the Georgian room. As we were checking out the lovely costumes a member of staff came up to us and said that we had to pay to be in there. There were no signs? How were we supposed to know that? We were told that we could stay if we paid but we decided to go. This put a bit of a downer on our day. The fact that some audio visual devices weren’t working was also frustrating – you’d have thought that these would be in good working order for the holidays!


A pretty good day out, but between the broken equipment and the confusion over the dressing up there are things that could be done to make things even better. The Robert Perry exhibition is definitely worth checking out if you get a chance. 3 stars – ★★★

What brilliant reviews! We hope to see more of these from our My Stylists soon. If you’ve been to Wolverhampton Art Gallery why not let us know what you thought? We love hearing your opinions!


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